Compete anywhere in the world with each other by using any means of transport:
bicycles, scooters, skateboards, roller skates, or simply running and win tokens!
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Active lifestyle

The world’s first multi-transport entertainment platform where you can win tokens in challenges!

At the same time, our “Challenge motivation concept” encourages people to make more activities outdoors.

GREAT CRYPTO MASS adoption game for web2 and web3 users

Get a chibi hero and start discovering Chibiverse!
Use radar to discover the area around you to find valuable tokens, gems and artefacts.
Pump your Chibi’s characteristics to win in battles and tournaments against other users.

solana and ton

In Radar mode you can find magic points with Solana and TON bonus boxes around you!

One competition
for all transports

The world’s one and only app where different types of transport take part in the same competition versus each other in a fair play!


One of a kind geolocation-based game for all means of transport you like. Compete with users from all over the world and 

Routes passing mode

You can create routes with checkpoints where thousands of participants will compete with each other at any time.
Routes can be laid out anywhere in the world, e.g. in LA, Dubai, Tokyo, Sydney, etc.

Freeride mode

In Freeride mode a user can walk, run, ride rollers, a scooter or a bike in single-player mode, however at the same time one competes with users from all over the world!

our community

You have got some questions, feedback or a proposal for cooperation?

Do not hesitate to contact us in Telegram. We will definitely get back to you and be eager to cooperate!