super app ecosystem


  • Route passing
  • Freerides
  • Fitness activity tracker

Games zone

  • Chibiverse
  • NFT Radar
  • Explorer
TheRun introduces a new
Challenge motivation concept (cmc)
Users compete with each other in paid competitions and earn 
only when they win using their abilities and skills in the real world. At the same time, prize funds are formed from users’ entry fees.

In this way, users are motivated to use TheRun by both factors: they can earn tokens by participating in competitions and are driven by the desire to become the winner among thousands of other users!
 are TheRun utility tokens. TheRun is a unique app that allows users to compete in the real world.

With Sports&Fitness and Games zones TheRun has the potential to attract millions of users from different backgrounds and across all age groups.

RUN tokens will be widely used in the app by users in different ways, for example, to participate in the app’s PvP games, tournaments, and championships, to buy in-game items etc.

Win and earn

Earn RUN tokens
for participating in
various events such
as PvP games and

Worldwide payouts

The use of RUN tokens
allows us to make
winning payouts to any
user on the


Use RUN tokens
to buy in-game items, to
compete in PvP games
and tournaments,


We have accomplished an enormous amount of work so that you and your friends can start competing right now! However, we still have a lot of work to do in order to achieve our goal of making TheRun the world’s #1 entertainment platform for active people

Q4 2020
Q3 2021

  • App concept development

  • System architecture development

  • UI and UX design development

  • Back-end development

  • Front-end iOS/Android development

  • Routes passing mode and PvP games development


  • Back-end & Front-end app development

  • App beta test

  • Website development

  • Personal account section development on the website

  • App testing and bug fixing


  • Preparation for release in App Store, Google Play, App Gallery

  • “Tournaments” block development

  • launch on the Binance Smart Chain (BEP20) testnet

  • Website section for Metamask and WalletConnect development

  • Social networks accounts launch

  • App testing and bug fixing


  • App release in Google Play

  • App release in App Store

  • App release in App Gallery

  • Final app testing and bug fixing

  • Beta-test launch


  • “Chibiverse” concept development

  • Freerides block development and launch

  • Freerides' Leagues development and launch

  • Holding beta-test for routes passing and freerides mechanics


  • “Explorer” game mode development

  • “Explorer” game beta-test

  • Chibiverse block development

  • Chibiverse mechanics beta-test

  • Holding Freerides’ world challenges


  • “Explorer” game mode development and launch

  • Chibiverse block development

  • “Ride&Drive” game mode development

  • Helmets NFT collection development

  • Holding World Helmet Box challenge

  • Global marketing campaign start


  • Helmets NFT collection launch

  • “Ride&Drive” game mode development and launch

  • Chibiverse block development and launch

  • CEX/DEX listing

  • First Chibis limited edition collection sales

  • “Teams” and “Co-pilot” modes launch in Explorer game

  • Global marketing campaign, holding world challenges in Freerides and Routes games


  • “Battles” and “Factory” blocks development and launch in Chibiverse

  • “Feed” block update and development

  • User's “Garage” block development and launch

  • Freerides’ PvP game mode development

  • Sports trackers development and launch

  • Development of the possibility to use smart gadgets (watches etc.) in gaming processes and sports activities

To be continued

  • We have many exciting ideas for further project development. Stay tuned!