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This is the Academy,
Chibis are educated there

You can get a new Chibi from the Academy in many ways:

Free Chibi
You'll get a Chibi with a random look and characteristics
You can choose a Chibi you like and get some more features like crafting artifacts at the Factory
Limited edition collection
You can buy a very cool Chibi from limited edition collection and get special features
See details in the app

You get this cool Chibi, his name is Elon

These are his Characteristics
They indicate his strength, luck, agility and other features. Pump them to win in battles VS other Chibis!

Challenge other Chibis to BATTLE

When you challenge somebody to a battle, you and your opponent form prize fund with your own tokens!
The winner gets the whole prize

Characteristics are pumped when you play NFT Radar or buy Artifacts at the Marketplace

NFT Radar


Use NFT Radar to find some interesting things around you!
You can find artifacts at magic points! After an adventure you will also get experience points that you can distribute to Chibi’s characteristics.

At magic points you will find minerals and ore!

The Factory
At the Factory you have two main production processes:
Minerals and ore recycling to crystals and metals
Artifacts production
Use them to craft artefacts: swords, shields and others!

To play Radar mode you can choose different types of transport!

Other users can steal your crystals and metals from your Factory!
When crystals or metals are ready, other users can steal them from your Factory, so you should put them to your Inventory as soon as possible or start Step 2 artefacts production.

You may also steal crystals or metals from other users’ Factories :)

Ways to earn tokens with crafted Artifacts

You can sell a sword at Marketplace to other users and get tokens
You can give the sword to your Chibi, then characteristics pump and you can win battles!

More cool features are coming soon! Stay tuned!